About MarRI-UK

We are a collaborative innovation vehicle for UK industry and academia to jointly tackle innovation and technology challenges. We will focus on research and innovation within mid TRL (3 – 7) levels to address the opportunities between "discovery and research" and "commercialisation" of Maritime Technologies and Systems. Learn more about us and how to get involved as a member.


Why join MarRI-UK?

  • Engage in multi-disciplinary research to achieve effective solutions
  • Accelerate technological innovation, optimising impact across the sector
  • Develop practical, flexible/ responsive solutions for the maritime sector
  • Achieve sector integration between industry representative, organisations, and academia
  • Enhance the reputation of the maritime sector within the UK global economies.

Year zero membership

MarRI-UK is now open for year zero membership. There are two types of membership:

  • Industry Membership
  • University Membership

Further information can be found here

How to join MarRI-UK

Please complete our Membership Enquiry Form, and we will be in touch.

Call for Technology and Innovation in UK Maritime Proposal

£1.5M is available for innovative solutions, within mid TRL (TRL 3-7) that demonstrate potential applications for innovative technology or for proof of concept of new ideas that offer benefits to maritime services and operations.

To lead a project or work alone your organisation must:

  • be a business of any size with a base in the UK to lead a research project,
  • be a business of any size with a base in the UK, an academic organisation, or a research and technology organisation (RTO) to lead a capital investment project,
  • Carry out your maritime research or technology development project work in the UK,
  • Intend to exploit the results from or in the UK or from or in more than one location including the UK,
  • This is open to single business as well as consortiums. 

This is an Expression of Interest (EoI) competition. You must have a successful application in this competition before you can be invited to apply to the full stage competition.

EoI competition Opens: 30 September 2019

EoI competition closes: 20 December 2019

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Clean Maritime Call Stage One Outcome Announced!

Opened in 29th July 2019 and closed on 25th October 2019, the first stage of the Clean Maritime Call has been significantly oversubscribed. We are very pleased to see the enthusiasm of the maritime community for this funding call. Fifty-five (55) Expression of Interests (EoIs) were received with a total project value of £37M and funding request of £8.7M. The standard of the EoI applications were high, and it was difficult to decide between the numerous excellent projects.

Key topics of the EoIs were around Clean Fuels (Ammonia, Biomass, Hydrogen) for large marine engines, Electric Propulsion, Vessel Efficiency (antifouling, autonomy, design, operations, etc.) and Wind Power. After being assessed by a team of independent reviewers from industry, academia, and government, twenty-five (25) EoIs with a total project value of £12M and funding request of over £4M, were selected to advance to the second stage and invited to submit full proposals. We wish the best of luck to all who submitted bids.