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We provide opportunity to engage in multidisciplinary research to achieve practical, effective solutions for members’ technological challenge through strong integration between industry, representative organisations, and academia.

Join us now to propose research and innovation agenda, objectives and planning of MarRI-UK based on your organisation needs, and direct the development of maritime research and innovation planning.

Why Join MarRI-UK?

By joining MarRI-UK, you will:

  • Engage in multi-disciplinary research to achieve effective solutions
  • Accelerate technological innovation, optimising impact across the sector
  • Develop practical, flexible/ responsive solutions for the maritime sector
  • Achieve sector integration between industry representative, organisations, and academia
  • Enhance the reputation of the maritime sector within the UK global economies.

Specific benefits for each tier can be seen in below table:

Tier Role Businesses Benefits
1 Set core research agenda Key industry leaders Direct research agenda
Membership on strategy board.
2 Access to research Industry support organisations Access to Tier 1 and research
A representative on strategy board
3 Platform to engage Supply chain SMEs Access to events
Platform to showcase capabilities


We are now open for membership. Further information can be found here.

Year One Membership

MarRI-UK is currently open for year three membership.

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