Industry Membership

For Maritime Research and Innovation UK we intend to create a membership model to suit a wide variety of companies. Our intention is to make three options available. All members will have access to MarRI-UK events and platform to showcase capabilities.

Tier 1 membership

Tier 1 members each have a seat on the Strategy Board. These companies are typically industry leaders. They will steer MarRI-UK research agenda and setting MarRI-UK direction.

Membership contribution: £50,000 per annum*. 

Tier 2 membership

Tier 2 will be represented on the Strategy Board by a representative. These companies are usually industry support organisations. They will contribute and influence MarRI-UK research agenda.

Membership contribution: £10,000 per annum*.

Tier 3 membership

Tier 3 members are typically supply chain partners and SMEs. They will contribute to MarRI-UK research agenda.

Membership contribution: £1,000 per annum*.

*The amount of contribution to be invoiced shall be reduced on a pro rata basis rounded up to the nearest whole month to reflect the date that the company enters into MarRI-UK membership.

Tier Role Benefits Fee
1 Steer Seat on Strategy Board; contribute to and direct MarRI-UK research agenda £50,000
2 Influence Representative on Strategy Board; contribute to and influence MarRI-UK research agenda £10,000
3 Contribute Contribute to MarRI-UK research agenda £1,000


Our Members
How to join MarRI-UK

Please complete our Membership Enquiry Form and we will contact you regarding membership of MarRI-UK.

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